copywriting in action

Since I often ghostwrite for companies, I’m not able to share my entire copywriting portfolio. But here’s a few examples that show how I’ve helped others develop their brand, grow their audience or grab the attention of their customers. Feel free to contact me for more details about my past work or to request a written sample for you.

Blog published on foreverbride.com for a photographer. This both established her authority and also strategically increased her visibility, putting her in front of countless couples who would be looking for an engagement photographer. I focused on her brand’s tone of voice: playful, fun, but also meaningful.

photography copywriting MN mpls


Real estate listings for a realtor. I was limited to only 300 characters, which is a serious challenge to not lose substance. Therefore, each word needed to entice the prospective buyer into wanting to know more.

realestate listings copywriting 2
realestate listings copywriting


Landing Page, About Page, Contact Page for a videographer. The client wanted copy that was minimal but still fit with his brand—and, of course, copy that convert traffic into clients. Done, done and done!

landing page copywriting


Landing Page and About Page for a Table Maker. This needed to showcase both the maker’s abilities and credentials while also appealing to the emotional side of why the customer should choose them over a competitor. It has proven to be a very effective tool in building authority and connecting with customers on a personal level.

Copywriting portfolio sample of work for a woodworker


Blog entries for a Travel Website. This is where I shine: telling vivid, sensory stories. Story-telling copywriting is instinctive to me, it flows from somewhere within. Let me write yours

travel blogging

Are you still looking for a certain type of content? A style of writing? A particular voice that represents you and your brand?

There are many more examples that I couldn’t include in my portfolio, such as social media copy, press releases and other work that I’ve created that made my clients grin from ear to ear. Contact me and let me know what copywriting itch you need scratching.