When it comes to copywriting, I’m as adaptable as a Swiss-army knife.
I’m just as effective at writing punchy headlines as I am long-form blog posts—all while capturing the right tone of voice and style for your company.

But a quick heads up: Because I ghostwrite for companies under non-disclosure agreements, there are many more examples that I can’t include in my portfolio, such as:

  • Press releases
  • Customer-engagement content
  • Video and commercial scripts
  • Website copywriting, blogs, and emails

Take a peek below at some examples of how I’ve helped businesses develop their brand, grow their audience, increase organic SEO traffic, or craft a voice that grabs the attention of their customers.

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Website Copywriting

Home, About, Education, Marketing, and Specialties pages for the meat and seafood distributor Selza International.

My copy has helped them attain better, higher-paying customers thanks to messaging that gave Selza the voice they were looking for. Their copy clearly establishes their advantage over their competition, motivating potential clients to choose them as thee go-to distributor.


Home and Cash Discount Program pages for the payment processing company Progressive Payment Solutions.

To cut to the chase, I made their value immediately apparent by focusing on the #1 thing that customers are looking for in their market: savings. Unlike their competitors, PPS now clearly and intentionally defines how they provide what their customers look for, increasing conversions and lowering bounce rates.


Home, Factoring, About, Eligibility, Investors, and News pages for the fintech company Factris

Clients immediately understand Factris’ value in each page—which is no easy task, given the huge variety of clients they attract. My clear, concise, dynamic copy has greatly increased conversion rates and help them distinguish themselves from the competition.


Home, Landing, Product, and About pages for the patio, decking, and railing company American Patio Concepts.

After providing key insights by researching both their offerings and their competition, I set their company apart with an upper-echelon tone of voice to resonate with their target demographic. I also helped them connect readers with their brand through storytelling.


About page for Sotheby’s International Realty

Instead of self-promoting superlatives, I took a different approach with SIR’s about page: tell their unique story. I answered why they exist, what they believe in, and how they help their clients—all via the power of storytelling.


Home, Services, and About pages for business/success coaching at Outlast LLC.

I helped them turn leads to clients by zeroing in on messaging that highlights their true value. And even though I avoid jargon at all costs, I helped them walk the fine line between relatability and authority.


Home, About, Shippers, and Carriers page for the trucking/shipping company Reynolds Transport.

By identifying what sets them apart from the competition, I helped craft messaging that resonates with a key demographic they target. Significant research went into describing their services and products in a compelling, concise way that built authority. They can now confidently bid on bigger clients with the right messaging to back them up.


Home, Services, and About page the logistics company PLG.

In order for PLG to break into a developing market, I provided copy that clearly highlights PLG’s unique value as a an eco-friendly logistics company. They now have an advantage on their competition by leading with the very features their clients are looking for.


Landing Page and About Page for a furniture designer and builder. This needed to showcase both the makers abilities and credentials while also showcasing why the customer should choose them over a competitor. It became an instrumental part of the conversion process, allowing for higher rates thanks to increased demand.


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Blogs + Articles + Content Creation

Blogs for SaaS company Foreworth

I helped break down complex subjects into understandable, actionable terms for this software company’s blogs.


Blogs for the payment processing company Progressive Payment Solutions

What I’m most proud of with these blogs is making a relatively dry subject compelling by focusing on the value of what they’re learning. This has grown PPS’ authority and SEO rankings, helping them consistently bring in new clients for a strong project ROI.


Pillar content articles for a Law Firm’s Website.

Optimized for both SEO and for their target audience, these peruasive and informative articles provide clear answers to legal questions while also solidifying the law firm as the definitive voice in legal council.

Law articles for mu copywriting portfolio


Articles written for the DIY website The Family Handyman.

Taking an authoritative yet approachable tone, I’ve helped increase organic traffic with these SEO-friendly articles that grow their brand and increase their reach.

Handyman article I wrote


Blog published on foreverbride.com written for Tinge Photography.

This blog established her authority as a photographer and increased her website traffic, putting her in front of countless future clients looking for an engagement photographer. I focused on her brand’s unique tone of voice: playful and fun, while also meaningful. 


Fintech and business blogs for fintech company Factris

As Factris continues to grow, so does their need for fresh, engaging content. It has been my privilege to help them improve their brand image while increasing their influence in the financial world.


Odds and ends

Real estate listings for a realtor. I was limited to only 300 characters, which is a serious challenge to write something appealing and motivating without losing substance. Therefore, each word needed to entice the prospective buyer into wanting to know more. I’ve helped her sell numerous homes with rich, vivid descriptions highlighting the advantages of each dwelling.


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