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My copywriting isn’t about me or about you—it’s about them.

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“WHO’S ‘THEM’???” You nervously ask.

I’m talking about the people most important to both of us: Your clients and customers

If my copywriting was focused on me, you’d be inundated with things that I love, like:

If it was about you, you’d see a focus on just your company: “We do this!”, “We offer that!”, etc.

But the fact is, I know your clients and customers want to hear about themselves:

  • What problem does your company solve for them?
  • How does what you do make their life easier?
  • What kind of experience is your customer looking for?

So if it’s just about them (your audience)…
and you (your business)…
where do I (Evan, the skinny white guy) fit into the picture?

Once I clearly understand both your business and your clients/customers, I provide you with the missing piece of the puzzle: your carefully-crafted voice, via copywriting and strategic content.

In short, I make your clients and customers look to you… by focusing on them.

Which comes quite natural to me, since it’s my favorite part: making an impact with my words.

I write copy that gets noticed. That gets read. That resonates with your audience.

Forging a connection between you and your reader through a tone of voice that’s just right for your company. Showcasing what you do in a way that’s both a strategy and an art—converting leads to customers and growing your business.

All through thoughtfully-chosen words.

Another tool I can’t wait to unleash is crafting the perfect story…

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Want to transcend the differences that separate us? Then tell a story.

Watch a movie, check Instagram, listen to a song—no matter the medium, it’s all just a way to tell a story. It’s what we want to learn as human beings—the story behind each one of us. We’ve been doing it for thousands of years, and we’ll keep doing it for thousands more.

Stories make powerful connections, and that’s why I love telling yours to connect you to your customer and make them believers of your brand.

One thing I’m sure of is that we all have a story to tell. But sometimes, we just need someone who understands us and knows how to tell it. Contact me so that we can start telling your story
using the perfect voice for your business.

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