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Copywriter and content creator? But why? Interesting you should ask about that…

My copywriting roots are anchored in my innate desire to communicate and connect with people- it’s in my heart, in my DNA, it’s what echoes through my subconscious.

And that’s why I write: really, writing is basically two people communicating on paper (Ok, on electronic devices nowadays- paper just sounds better). Writing isn’t just work for me, it’s an inevitability because of who I am- an empathetic individual with an intuitive ability to understand others. Put this all together, and you get a copywriter that simply gets you– and your audience. One that naturally draws in your readers, converting them to customers and growing your business.

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Look at the eagerness in these eyes. It’s not just the fifth espresso, I simply want to tell your story!

The story: innately-powerful, uniting us all.

Storytelling is a deeply-entrenched part of who we are as human beings. No matter the culture or language, it seems that telling each other about who we are, what we’ve done and where we’re going is as basic of a human function as breathing or sleeping; whether over a cup of coffee or over an internet connection, we can’t resist telling one another about who we are and what we want to do.

Storytelling will always be with us, just in different forms. From one generation to the next, we’ll continue to find new ways to connect with one another through narrative.

Undoubtedly, we all have a story to tell. But sometimes, we just need someone who understands us and knows how to tell it the way we know we want it told. Let’s team up so that we can start telling your story.