What to Expect When We Team Up

Does your company’s website need an overhaul?
My simple, organized copywriting process makes collaborating with me easy and fast.

copywriting in action

My copywriting process in six steps:

Step 1: You talk, I listen (and ask key questions)
  • After filling out the questionnaire I send you, we have a chat: Via Zoom, a phone call, or we connect in person. I get a clear sense of who you are, who your company is, where it’s going, your brand/tone of voice and especially who we are writing for (specifics about who your audience/customer is).
  • We also establish deliverables: Do you need new content or a refresh of your existing copy? Is it for a brochure? Your website? A press release? An email campaign? An anonymous letter to your neighbor with the loud dog?
  • I send you a proposal with the details: Number and type of web pages, purpose, style, tone of voice, etc.
Step 2: You receive my proposal
  • This will outline all that I do for you. This will include deliverables, timing, rounds of amends, and a shopping-list style breakdown of each of my services for you.
  • You agree to the proposal and send it back to me along with an initial payment of 50% of the total
Step 3: The words begin flowing (after extensive research)
  • My copy is written in whatever format you prefer (standard for me is Google Docs format so I can easily see your feedback)
  • You are kept up to date on the progress (weekly, if not sooner)
Step 4: You review the work with each round of amends
  • You give your input with each round within an agreed-upon time
Step 5: Final Review+Payment of the remaining 50%
Step 6: We celebrate
  • We pop the champagne to celebrate our success (also, a testimonial would be greatly appreciated)

My copywriting process is one of many things that my clients love.
Collaborate with me and you won’t regret it. Let’s team up!

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