What’s my copywriting process?

Does your company’s website need an overhaul? Don’t worry. My copywriting process is designed around you.

copywriting in action

Here’s the easy copywriting approach I take to make working with me a breeze:

Step 1: You talk, I listen (and ask the key questions)

  • After filling out the creative brief that I send you, we have a chat: We do a Zoom call, phone call, or we connect in person. I get a clear sense of who you are, who your company is, where it’s going, your brand/tone of voice and especially who we are writing for (specifics about who your audience/customer is).
  • We also establish deliverables: Do you need new content or a refresh of your existing copy? Is it for a brochure? Your website? A press release? An email campaign? An anonymous letter to your neighbor with the loud dog?
  • I send you a proposal with the details: Number and type of web pages, purpose, style, tone of voice, etc.

Step 2: You receive my proposal

  • This will outline all that I do for you. This will include deliverables, timing, rounds of amends, and a shopping-list style breakdown of each of my services for you.
  • You agree to the proposal and send it back to me along with a payment of 50% of the total

Step 3: The words begin flowing

  • My copy is written in whatever format you prefer (standard for me is .docx format with Track Changes for quick, easy ammending)
  • You are kept up to date on the progress (weekly, if not sooner)

Step 4: You review the work with each round of amends

  • You give your input with each round within an agreed-upon time

Step 5: Final Review+Payment of the remaining 50%

Step 6: We celebrate having elevated your business to the next level

  • We pop the champagne to celebrate our success (Also, a testimonial would be greatly appreciated)

My copywriting process is one of many things that my clients rave about. Collaborate with me and you won’t regret it. Let’s team up!