My hard work is worth my rates

Here’s an idea of what to expect when we team up:

  •  Blog packages: I offer the option of two blogs per month for $600, or three blogs for $850.
    Blog packages include:
    Basic SEO optimization
    Meta-tag descriptions
    One round of amends
    Third-party proofreading and editing
    Delivered formatted with title tags, ready to be posted
    (You can also make the wise investment of monthly blogs to keep your website’s beautiful content flowing. Contact me for more info)
  • Basic web page: $400 per page.
    Website copywriting packages include:
    In-depth research into your company’s style, branding and tone of voice (something you’ll continue to reference as you grow your business).
    Company, customer, and competitor research
    Content strategy
    Two rounds of amends
    Third-party proofreading and editing
    Wireframed, formatted, and ready for your designer to put onto your website
  • Press release: $350.

Notice a recurring theme? Research, research, research.
I mix science with art to create website copy and content that’s purposefully-written to nail your tone of voice, reach the heart of your target customers, and drive conversions through the roof.

Some copywriter’s rates are simply $X.00 per word. Is this how I work?

No, it isn’t. And frankly, you shouldn’t want an $X.00 per-word rate either. Why not?

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”

Mark Twain

Get it? Good writing is concise writing—it’s much more effective (and more of a challenge) than wordy, sloppy writing.

Good copy uses one crystal-clear word in place of five foggy words.

It’s copywriting that gets read, and most importantly, copywriting that converts!

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