My hard work is worth my rates

When asked about rates, some copywriters simply charge by the word. Is this how I work?

Nope. And you shouldn’t want copy rates by the word either. Why not?

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”

– Mark Twain

Get it? Good writing is concise writing- it’s much better (and more of a challenge) than wordy, sloppy writing.

Good copy uses one crystal-clear word in place of five foggy words.

It’s copywriting that gets read, and most importantly, copywriting that converts.

That’s truly what you want, isn’t it?

Think about it:

Gas? Sold by the gallon.

Lettuce? Sold by the pound.

Would you put good copywriting- the sort of delicate pairing of words that lifts a company from the ashes of mediocrity up to the mountain tops of success- in the same category as fuel or produce?

That’s why I don’t simply charge by the word, as if it were a mere commodity. Good copy is crafted and created from both mind and heart.

While I don’t charge by the word, here’s what I do offer:

  •  Blog packages– My rates for ~800 word blogs start at 2 blogs/$600, 4 blogs/$1,000. This includes basic research and 1 round of amends (You can also make the wise investment of semi-monthly blogs and keep that beautiful content flowing! Contact me for more info).
  • Basic web page– $300 per page. This is the base rate that includes keyword research and SEO optimization
  • Press release- $350.

Again, this is just an idea of what to expect for rates when we team up. However, one thing that I already know about you is that you’re unique! Maybe you need a dash more of this… Or actually, a touch of that. Or you might need two huge fistfuls of everything!

So let’s chat to create a tailored proposal that fits you like your favorite pair of shoes.